Infostudy congratulates its students for getting Topmost ranks in CSIR UGC NET  – Ravish – AIR -9 (J20), Mohit – AIR -77 (J20), Sagar – AIR -128 (J20), Balkaran – AIR -135 (J20), Vandana – AIR -104 (J20), Shubham – AIR -61 (J20), Rakesh – AIR -69 (J20), Vijay Laxmi – AIR-14 (D-19), Tapaswini – AIR-19 (D-19), Benudhar- AIR-21 (D-19), Yogesh – AIR-29 (D-19), Vaibhav – AIR-35 (D-19), Sourav – AIR-44 (D-19), Indranil – AIR-44 (D-19), Pradeep – AIR-48 (D-19), Preeti – AIR-58 (D-19), Dinesh AIR-62 (D-19), Giridhari – AIR-69 (D-19), Deepika – AIR-74 (D-19), Satyanarayan – AIR-82 (D-19), Pushpa – AIR-82 (D-19), Snehalata – AIR-83 (D-19),  Monika – AIR-86 (D-19), Rakesh – AIR-87 (D-19), Nur Nabi Azad – AIR-91 (D-19), Abinash – AIR-110(D-19), Deepali – AIR-112 (D-19), Rishab – AIR-113 (D-19), Praveen – AIR-114 (D-19), Jyotsna – AIR-120 (D-19), Ruby – AIR-148 (D-19), Dasharath – AIR-235 (D-19), Ajay – AIR-18 (J-19), Sarita – AIR-48 (J-19),  Praveen – AIR-55 (J-19), Anab Ali – AIR-58 (J-19), Sonoo – AIR – 67 (J-19), Dipankar – AIR-72 (J-19), Prashant – AIR-76 (J-19), Nikanta – AIR-166 (J-19),  Shubham – AIR-149 (J-19), Avishekha – AIR-5 (D-18), Deepali – AIR-50 (D-18), Jai Prakash –  AIR – 53 (D-18), Hiamanshu – AIR-74 (D-18), Karishma – AIR-16 (June 18), Kapil –  AIR-16 (June-18), Jai Prakash –  AIR-17 (June-18), Bhupali –  AIR-38 (June-18), Ravi –  AIR-86 (June-18), Neha –  AIR-89 (June-18), Anish –  AIR-93 (June-18), Shobh Nath Rai –  AIR-147 (June-18), Mahendra Kumar-  AIR-193 (June-18), Mahendra –  AIR-213 (June-18), Jatinder Mishra-  AIR-2 (June-17), Karishma – AIR-14 (Dec.-17), Himanshu – AIR-17 (Dec.-17), Navjeet – AIR-22 (Dec.-17),  Anisha – (Dec.-17),  Sakshi – (Dec.-17), Anish – AIR-132 (Dec.-17), Divya – AIR-53 (June-17), Shilpi – AIR-188 (Dec.-17), Charu (June-17),   Aman Jhinga (Dec.-16),   Lalit Mittal (Dec.-16), Ankur Gheek (Dec.-16), Lalit (Dec.-16)      


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CSIR NET/GATE/IIT JAM - Best Maths Coaching Institute in Delhi-Infostudy


Since its inception, Infostudy is dedicated to providing quality education and guidance to students/aspirants on their way to success. With this mission, Infostudy encourages students to face any challenge. We furnish each student with the assistance of our expert faculty and their great knowledge.

Infostudy has become the best Maths Coaching Institute in Delhi-Infostudy, providing assistance to postgraduates in building their career in the field of mathematics. Infostudy aims at developing and fostering the interest and quality of students in the vast concepts of mathematics. We provide coaching for CSIR UGC NET(MATHS), NBHM, GATE, TIFR, IIT JAM – MATHEMATICS, other Competitive and Recruitment exams involving higher mathematics.
Every year thousands of students aspire to do their post-graduation and Ph.D. at premier universities like IITs, PU, DU, IISERs and many more. But the entrance test stage eliminates most of the candidates. In this era of cut-throat competition, our highly qualified and experienced faculty prompts the students to do well in these examinations. Our CSIR NET/IIT JAM/GATE qualified faculty enables the students to apply the deep concepts of mathematics instantly onto the questions asked in these examinations.


We categorize our teaching and learning programs under 2 heads:

  1. Eligibility tests like NET, SET, TET, PGT, etc.
  2. Entrance tests like M.Sc. Entrances, MCA Entrances, etc.
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(Classroom Course) Infostudy aims to teach students how to apply mathematical knowledge instantly onto multiple choice questions usually asked in competitive exams involving higher mathematics.

IIT-JAM Mathematics

(Classroom Course and OTS) Infostudy is a perfect platform to get expert coaching for the IIT JAM Mathematics (Joint Admission Test for Masters conducted by IIT) because we make the tedious preparation very easy with the best guidance.

GATE Mathematics

We provide excellent coaching for the GATE exam to all aspirants. Our organized classroom environment, doubt-solving sessions, tests, etc. allow our students to learn every concept of mathematics enthusiastically.


INFOSTUDY launches its innovative Online Test Series to help students sharpen their preparation, to enhance speed and accuracy in solving questions in CSIR UGC NET Mathematics exam.

Other M.Sc Mathematics Entrances/ M.Sc. (INT)

Our commitment to impart quality education for all the competitive examinations in India let us work hard and smart in letting out students rank highest.

GATE Mathematics (OTS)

Gate OTS is designed for students to enhance the speed along with accuracy and scale your performance.

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