Karishma CSIR UGC NET-JRF-AIR -16 (June 2018) & CSIR NET- AIR-14(Dec-17)

I am very thankful to Dr. AP Singh whose unique way of teaching help me a lot in solving typical MCQ’s . The Class assignments & full tests provided by Infostudy were very helpful and forced me to change my ways of solving MCQ’s. Last day motivational lecture by Dr AP Singh was very beneficial and interesting. I strongly Recommend Infostudy to all CSIR NET aspirants.


Neha (CSIR UGC NET-JRF-AIR -89 J-18)

I am happy to be associated with infostudy which played a major role in my JRF preparation. The classes helped me a lot to look from exam point of view and the tips and tricks provided in the classroom helped me to reduce the time taken to solve problems vastly. I am also grateful for the problem sheets provided as well as the constant availability of the faculty to solve doubts. I would like to thank Dr. A P Singh for being such a motivational person. I am grateful to infostudy for my JRF qualification.

Jatinder Mishra (CSIR UGC NET-LS-AIR -2 J-17)

I am deeply grateful to Dr AP Singh who has poured down his vast knowledge in me. His effectiveness with relaying the subject content demonstrates his teaching experience and result oriented approach. His readiness to answer the question and keeping the students motivated and guided without ever deviating from his lecture related tangent has created a lifelong impact on me. The comprehensive study material and full tests provided by INFOSTUDY were very help full and changed my prospect to solve MCQs. I would also like to thank the management of IS who allowed me to attend Demo Classes and Accommodate my fee payment relaxation requests that help me rowing my hitch to join coaching. Due to the above reason I strongly Recommend INFOSTUDY to NET Aspirants.


Aman Jhinga (CSIR UGC NET JRF D-16)

I would like to thank Dr. A.P. Singh for his valuable guidance without which it was very hard for me to crack CSIR UGC NET. Alternative short Solutions to every lengthy question provided by him in class is the key of my success. Also the books authored by him for CSIR UGC NET were very helpful.


Bhavna CSIR UGC (LS) J-16 & (JRF) D-16

If you are aspiring for NET Mathematics, you will definetely be benefitted by joining INFOSTUDY. Course Material was very good. Regular Tests went a long way in giving me confidence. The discussion sessions were very useful. Coaching at INFOSTUDY, plays a vital role for me in learning Mathematics.


Lalit AIR-47 (CSIR UGC NET D-16)

After attending the classes of Dr. A.P. Singh, I became confident that I will be able to clear CSIR NET. I would like to share this with all those who are keep on working hard but without proper guidance. I think to CSIR NET, guidance is more important than hard work. I strongly recommend INFOSTUDY to all NET Aspirants.


Kapil Chawla (CSIR NET JRF J-16)

Online Test Series of INFOSTUDY helped me a lot in my preparation of CSIR NET. The MCQ’s of Test Series were of high standard and were well framed and well thought papers. Tests and their drafter solutions played a very crucial role in cracking examination of the kind of NET. From my own experience, which has been very good, I would definitely recommend this institute to others.


Ankur Gheek (CSIR UGC NET JRF J-16)

I dedicate my success in qualifying CSIR NET JRF to INFOSTUDY, apart from teaching the comprehensive study material, assignments and regular tests and the discussion thereof were helpful for me not only clearing CSIR NET but also during various subsequest Interviews. Personal attention to each and every student was a salient feature of INFOSTUDY.


Lalit Mittal (CSIR NET JRF J-16)

Guidance at INFOSTUDY played a key role in my success in CSIR NET in June 16. Course was thorough in syllabus with chapterwise MCQs. Further tests were good and exactly on the latest pattern of CSIR-NET. I sincerely advise anyone who wants to learn mathematics at post graduation level to join INFOSTUDY to discover the brilliancy within you.

Piyush (IIT-JAM)

I am grateful to infostudy for giving me such a good coaching. Infostudy helps me a lot. The way teaching used by teachers were new to me. They explained the hardest question in the simplest ways. The approch of their teaching was not only objective but also the subjective. The study material and test papers were based on the latest pattern of IIT-JAM (MA). Thank you Infostudy


Nikita (IIT-JAM)

Infostudy plays a significant role in my success in JAM 2017. Guidance and personal attention to each and every student were main feature of Infostudy. Course material was good. Faculty was excellent. Dobubt session helped me in the better understanding of the subject. Test series were based on latest pattern which helped me in gaining confidence. My experience with Infostudy was very good.